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Retractable Deck Screens for Your Home

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Retractable Deck Screens for Your Home
Retractable deck screens are a great way to extend your enjoyment of a patio area in any home while adding elegance and sophistication. There are several installation methods and finishes available to make them fit into any home décor. They’re also great for keeping out unwanted insects and protecting you and your family from prying eyes. They even act as an effective barrier from the sun! When choosing which retractable deck screen system is best for your home, it’s important to choose a durable product from a reputable manufacturer that takes pride in their craftsmanship. After all, any addition to your home should be treated as an investment.

Beauty and Functionality

There are countless options open to those looking for a screening system for their deck. The most common type is a permanent structure. It’s functional and can serve the purpose, but often times they are unsightly and inconvenient. A retractable deck screen is a more recent option that has been gaining in popularity over the last decade due to their practicality, effectiveness, and ability to create a more beautiful looking enclosure. They’re easily installed and can be stowed when not in use. Additionally, they can be fitted in such a way that they are nearly invisible. Even if not recess mounted, the housing from the most reputable companies is available in several standard colours. Custom colours are also available, should the need arise. Retractable screens offer the functionality of a traditional screening system, but when not in use is out of sight, and out of mind.

Simple Protection

Retractable deck screens are available in both manual and automatic versions. Once the manual version is installed, the screen can be deployed and stowed by turning a crank. The most dependable models are smooth and easy to use, and take just a few minutes to complete the set up. The more luxurious automatic version can be deployed and stowed with the simple push of a button. It takes just seconds and anyone can do it, which makes it an ideal candidate for any home.
Retractable deck screens offer protection from insects and other pests any time they are deployed. The best screens also provide protection from the sun. Screens also help to create a more private setting for you and your family. From the inside, screens are easy to see out of. From the outside, looking in is far more difficult. Imagine being outside and never needing to worry about mosquitoes, damaging UV radiation, or what exactly the neighbours are looking at. It’s the kind of luxury that only a retractable deck screen can offer.
The most reliable retractable deck screens are fabricated with only the best parts manufactured in North America. The finest in the business are so sure of the longevity of their screens that they come standard with a limited lifetime warranty. It gives buyers great peace of mind that can’t be matched by the competition. When shopping for a retractable deck screen system, be sure to take into account the functionality of the unit as well as how well it will fit into your home’s décor. Protect yourself and your family from the inconveniences and hassles of insects, the sun, and even prying eyes by installing a durable retractable deck screen.